Bologna – where to eat?


Eventhough the title of this post might give an idea, that here you could find restaurant recommendations for Bologna (well you kinda do) – I am actually asking for them from you!

We will be celebrating a birthday while in Bologna and I have been trying to look for a special restaurant for that occasion. I don’t have any high demands, except good food and a nice atmosphere!

I already found a few restaurants while googeling, so should you have been to one of them, I would love to hear your review of the place! So, to the short list of restaurants in Bologna that cought my interest:

This restaurant is number 7. on the list of TripAdvisor & one restaurant that I am considering;

L’Arcimboldo – homepage 

I read lately an article about the reviews on TripAdvisor and how there is a possibility for manipulation of the scoring. This thought kinda stuck in my head – so I feel a bit hesitant to choose this restaurant. I would loooove to find a hidden gem, only the best for my fiancé.

+ A bit more fine dining concept



A restaurant  on a golf club. What makes me consider this place is the view to Bologna it offers. A bit hesitant though because of the distance…

+ The view


Ristorante Tramviahomepage

This was stated as a hidden gem on TripAdvisor. Did I just find what I was lookign for? There were not that many reviews online, would love to hear more of other peoples experiences here.

+ Like the atmosphere in the pictures that can be seen online.


Al Sangiovesehomepage

Discovered this place from TripAdvisor – people really seem to like it. Possibly a bit more modest that I had in my mind, but if the food is as great as the reviews hype, that doesn’t matter.

+ The homepage is in english (need to practice my italian)

+The menu sounds delicious!


These were few of the restaurants that cought my eye, but as said; I would love to hear more recommendations and any tips for restaurants etc. in Bologna from you!






Travel planning 101

In this post, I thought to write down, how I plan travels. Hopefully, this can help you  to plan a whole trip from scratch or provide some inspiration for your next trip!

I tend to start with some basic questions, in order to have an idea of the trip I would like to make:

When? Of course there is multiple factors which effect the timing of a trip. Should you have the flexibility and want to keep the travel expenses nice and low, I recommend to check for example the flight prices for the whole month. Possible holidays during the month often result in higher prices. There are also lot of basic tips such as traveling during the week as the prices tend to be lower than during the weekend etc. I do not tend to trick around too much (often due to having exact dates when I would need to travel), but booking in time is a rule I try to follow.

What I definitely learned last year, was to check whether there are any holidays, events etc. during the time of my trip in the destination I am travelling to. Last year, we had booked our flights to Nice and started to look for hotels. The abnormal high prices during the first week made us question what is happening. Turned out Cannes filmfestival and Monaco Grand Prix were during those days . We had to slightly modify our plans for the Côte d’Azur, to keep the budget somewhat reasonable. At the end, all turned out well (also budget-wise) but this was a lesson learned!

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All roads lead to Rome

Lately my travel planning and day dreaming has been focused on our upcoming trip to Italy, so I thought to reminisce my trip to Rome back in 2016;

Pantheon, Rome

In 2016, as I was living in Luxembourg, a friend of mine and I decided to make the most of a long weekend due to a holiday falling on the 15th of August, which back then was monday. Via Zürich we landed to Rome late on friday evening. Luckily, a friend of ours had been to Rome a few week prior and could recommend a hotel to stay (Hotel Select Garden), which was also near to the train station. This was a good solution for us, as the price of the hotel was budget friendly (think we paid 100€per person for two nights) and easy to access – no taxis, busses etc. required.

As we had great first hand information from our friend who just had been to Rome, we were aware that we should book tickets to sightseeings in advance. I would agree and recommend to do this, as there is a possibility you won’t be the only one around. (Even though I would say mid-August was a great timing, the city was not crowded – at least it felt like that). Having the tickets already in our pockets made it easy and cut down the waiting times. Of course having the tickets in advance sets a timetable for the day (at least with the visit to Vatican), but booking in time will give some flexibility.

Another valuable help was our italian colleague in Luxembourg. She took the time and wrote down a list of recommendations for Rome:

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30 by 30


I don’t remember how this idea originated but I made a bet with a friend to travel to 30 different countries before turning 30 years old. I think by the time of betting, I had been approximatly around +/- 15 countries. I have still to reach the 30 countries but luckily I still have few years to go.

To keep some kind of track of the countries, I have listed them below:

1. Finland – my home.

2. Sweden – where I currently live. Before moving here in 2017, I only had been here as a child.

3. Denmark – as stops at the airports do not count, I first visited Copenhagen & Denmark in December 2017.

4. Germany – lived there +2 years and have been visiting ever since more or less regularly. Like a second home to me.

Aachen, Germany

5. France – visited first time Paris in 2013 (?). Afterwards I have been to the French Riviera, Provence, Strassbourg, Nancy and Metz, but have lately been thinking of  trip to Normandy.

6. Luxembourg – lived in Luxembourg during 2016, though my first visit to the country was back in 2012.

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The Travel Policy

Welcome to my blog!

You might have already read the page “Travel Policy” where i shortly wrote down my reasoning behind this blog? If not;

As the name states this blog focuses on travelling, obviously. Should you be looking for guidelines for corporate travel policy, this is not neccessary the place.

Behind the blog is a travel enthusiast, who loves to discover new places and day dream of exotic destinations. Multiple factors motivated me to start a travel blog. I looooove to plan (I make Excels about trips – yes) and this will be a great place to sketch down plans for upcoming travels (there is only so much I can annoy my boyfriend with). I also wanna cherish the memories of the experiences from the travels and what better way to do it as in writing and pictures. I would like to see this blog as my personal travel guide, where I can revisit the places I’ve been to & check the name of the best ice cream place in Antibes for example (there’s one really good! I will tell about it soon)

When asked for my dream job, for a longer time, I’ve had my go-to answer. I would work for a travel agency, visiting new destinations to find out more of the location, culture, the efficiency of the logistic connections, leisure offerings etc. in order for the agency to possibly organize trips to these places in the future. Nevertheless, I never saw myself studying tourism/hospitality and ended up in finance making travelling more as a hobby of mine.

As said, the topics of this blog will evolve around anything travel related – planning, dreaming & doing. I have lately also becomen even more interested in photography and hope to evolve in that even more! This leads to the conclusion and disclaimer: there will be a lot of pictures included.


THE Policy

“Travel as often as you can. See new places and visit old favorites. Open your horizon and enjoy”.


So, please fasten your seatbelt and welcome to travel with me!